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Finally, after years, more precisely for the first time after 19-02-2005, I returned to F@H and what do I see?! At least ONE team member is still active! Great job. From now on, I’ll contribute to the team as well, equipped with a shiny new machine, a C2D E6300 processor @3,02 GHz. If not used for…öhm…alternative analytics (also called „games“) it will calculate for F@H.

Any requests, questions etc. pp. can be placed at the comments‘ form!

Update 2007-11-05
Link to the teampage. We are 3.662 of 88.425 teams as of today! That means we’re within the top-5%-tier. Congratulations 😀

Update 2007-12-02
Who are you? At the moment, there are only two acitve members. One of them is me. Who’s Mr. or Mrs. „PS3“? Is there a Chance to get even more people folding with us? Old friends for example? I’ll go write some emails today… keep on going everyone!

Update 2008-02-26
Team rank: 3.906 of 106.918. That means, we’re within the top-4%-tier right now. More exactly: 3.65%.

Update 2012-01-22
@MIKEYG1982 – Welcome! I just re-started folding and thought that the team consists of me myself only, but fortunately, I’m wrong! Why do you use your CPU only? GPU is a lot faster 🙂 My GeForce 560Ti earns around 8000 PPD.

Media Addicted