2014 16. Mrz

Best compression settings for 7-ZIP

To make the long story short: I ran through a couple of benches to find out which combo of compression algorithm, dictionary size, word lenght and block size would lead to the best results for my scenario (which is compressing office-type files into single archives).

Benching rig: Core i7 3517U, 4GB RAM, energy plan „max. performance“
Software: Win8.1 x64, 7-ZIP 9.20 stable (all algos set to 2 threads)
Files: 510 MB, 426 files (DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF, JPG)

7-ZIP - Compression vs. Speed

7-ZIP – Compression vs. Speed

As you can see there are basically two levels of compression ratios which can be achieved: one around 15%, the other around 35% compression.

  • Around 15% compression there is no option beating the plain standard-ZIP-compression set to „fastest“.
  • In the range of 35% the best option would be LZMA2 with „normal“ settings. I think this is pretty efficient, because you can ~double the compression ratio in ~double time.
  • For archiving there is no better option than „7z, Save“, which leads to >170MB/s speed and the same size than all the original files together in one solid archive. ZIP adds some bytes to file size and is even faster at around 260 MB/s.

And now… happy compressin‘ 😉


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